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Tokyo Juki Co., Ltd.


TEL:+81-3-3356-5211  FAX:+81-3-3353-9101

TEL:+81-3-3356-5211  FAX:+81-3-3353-9101

Our machinery

Crawler Crane
All Terrain Crane
Rough Terrain Crane
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Crawler Crane

Crawler cranes travel on caterpillar tracks that provide a high degree of maneuverability on soft ground.

Manufacturer Model Capacity spec.pdf
LIEBHERR LR11350 1350t CC.TW(Japanese) 
DEMAG CC6800 1250t CC.TW 
LIEBHERR LR1750-HS800 750t CC.TW(Japanese)  HS8D3WBW 
SUMITOMO CT15000 750t CC.TW(Japanese) 
SUMITOMO CT12000 650t CC.TW(Japanese) 
KOBELCO SL6000J 500t CC.TW(Japanese) 
Hitachi Sumitomo 6000SLX 500t CC.TW(Japanese)  SL-N(Japanese)  SL-B(Japanese) 
Hitachi Sumitomo SCX-3500-3 350t CC.TW(Japanese) 
SUMITOMO SC3500 350t CC.TW(Japanese) 
KOBELCO SL4500J-350 350t CC.TW(Japanese) 
LIEBHERR LR1350/1-LN 350t CC.TW(Japanese) 
Hitachi Sumitomo SCX2000-3 200t CC.TW 
Hitachi Sumitomo SCX2000-2 200t CC.TW(Japanese) 
Hitachi Sumitomo SCX2000 200t CC.TW(Japanese) 
SUMITOMO SC2000-III 200t CC.TW(Japanese) 
KOBELCO 7200G-2N 200t CC.TW(Japanese) 
KOBELCO 7200G 200t CC.TW(Japanese) 
SUMITOMO SC1500-2 150t CC(Japanese)  TW(Japanese) 
Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1200-3 120t CC.TW(Japanese) 
Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1200-2 120t CC.TW(Japanese) 
KOBELCO 7120G-2 120t CC.TW(Japanese) 
SUMITOMO SC1000-2 100t CC(Japanese)  TW(Japanese) 
Hitachi Sumitomo SCX900-3 90t CC.TW(Japanese) 
SUMITOMO SC900-3 90t CC(Japanese)  TW(Japanese) 
KOBELCO 7090G 90t CC.TW(Japanese) 
SUMITOMO SC800-2 80t CC(Japanese)  TW(Japanese) 
SUMITOMO SC650 65t CC(Japanese)  TW(Japanese) 

All Terrain Crane

All Terrain cranes can traverse all types of surfaces, from paved roads to unmade ground.

Manufacturer Model Capacity spec.pdf
LIEBHERR LTM11200NX 1200t MB.LJ(Japanese) 
LIEBHERR LTM1550N 550t MB.FJ.LJ(Japanese) 
TADANO AR5500M 550t MB.FJ.LJ(Japanese) 
LIEBHERR LTM1450NX 450t MB.FJ.LJ(Japanese) 
TADANO ATF400G-6 400t MB.FJ.LJ(Japanese) 
TADANO ATF360G-6 360t MB.FJ.LJ(Japanese) 
TADANO ATF300G-6 300t MB.FJ.LJ(Japanese) 
LIEBHERR LTM1250NX 250t MB.TJ(Japanese) 
LIEBHERR LTM1220NX-2 242t MB.TJ(Japanese) 
LIEBHERR LTM1160NX 160t MB.TJ(Japanese) 
TADANO ATF160G-5 160t MB(Japanese)  FLJ(Japanese)  Dim(Japanese) 
KATO KA1300R 130t MB.LJ(Japanese) 
LIEBHERR LTM1130NZ 130t MB.TJ(Japanese) 
LIEBHERR LTM1120NZ 120t MB.TJ(Japanese) 
TADANO ATF100G-4 100t MB.TJ(Japanese)  Dim(Japanese) 
LIEBHERR LTM1065NX-2 65t MB(Japanese) 

Rough Terrain Crane

Rough Terrain cranes are designed especially for rough and unmade ground surfaces.

Manufacturer Model Capacity spec.pdf
TADANO GR1000N-1 100t MB(Japanese)  Dim(Japanese) 
TADANO GR700N-2 70t MB(Japanese)  Dim(Japanese) 
TADANO GR600N-3 60t MB(Japanese)  Dim(Japanese) 
TADANO GR600N-2 60t MB(Japanese)  Dim(Japanese) 
TADANO GR600N-1 60t MB(Japanese)  Dim(Japanese) 
TADANO GR500N-2 50t MB(Japanese)  Dim(Japanese) 
TADANO GR250N-5 25t MB.FAJ(Japanese) 
TADANO GR250N-4 25t MB(Japanese)  Dim(Japanese) 
TADANO GR250N-3 25t MB(Japanese)  Dim(Japanese) 
KATO SR250Rf 25t MB(Japanese) 
KATO SR250Ri 25t MB(Japanese) 
TADANO GR160N-4 16t MB(Japanese)  Dim(Japanese) 

Trailer others

Manufacturer Model Capacity spec.pdf
Goldhofer STZ-L6A 75t Dim 
Goldhofer STZ-H6A 75t Dim(Japanese) 
Tokyu TD44K0S2S(Low platform) 30t Dim(Japanese) 
Tokyu TF36H2C3(High platform) 27.8t Dim(Japanese) 
Wire winder
Skybox PDF(Japanese)